Our Process

Meticulously following the Baati Process ~ We begin with a solvent free, vacuum packed, oven dried, & purified c60 (99.95%); using 5g of the c60 per liter of Organic Olive Oil.

The mixture is magnetically stirred in EMF shielded containers, in a cold dark, orgone-energy-rich laboratory for two weeks, The solution is then subjected to a 2-step centrifuging process, The clarified, rich Merlot colored, fully saturated c60 oil then gets sterile filtered and finally poured into cobalt blue glass bottles, labeled and packaged for delivery to you.

Our Products
C60 Olive  Oil3
This is our original
formula, made with
Organic Olive Oil,
according to the
Paris Baati Study.
Avocado Oil
This formula is made
with Pure Avocado Oil,
as a high nutrient and
more absorptive option.
C60 Sunflower Oil
This formula is made
with Pure Sunflower
Oil, as a lower vitamin
K option for those on
certain medications.
Bucky Balm
This formula is made
for topical application.
It's made with shungite;
a full-spectrum fullerene
source, that has proven
anti-bacterial properties.
Bucky Blaque
This formula is made
for topical application
as a clay-like masque.
It's made with shungite;
a stone with a history of therapeutic topical uses.
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