C60 Fullerene in Olive Oil

Carbon 60 in Olive Oil has shown promise as a health supplement and free radical sponge, demonstrating potential positive health benefits; including life extension, memory preservation, enhanced detoxification, tumor prevention, and more.


 Above: c60 is a spherical fullerene molecule. It has a cage-like fused-ring structure (truncated icosahedron), made of twenty hexagons and twelve pentagons, with a carbon atom at each vertex of each polygon and a bond along each polygon edge.


Our C60 Oils are a rich Merlot color, freshly botteled on demand and come in light protected bottles and a black bag. They are made with the finest oils and you can choose from Olive Oil, Avocado Oil or Sunflower Oil.


 I just wanted to leave you a message and tell you how grateful I am to you for making such a wonderful product. I've tried a couple other brands. They do not compare to what you do.

~Mick Kahnke

 Facial and Body Products with Shungite and C60's

Shungite Fullerenes are among the most powerful naturally occurring antioxidants, and are known for their ability to accelerate the neutralization of toxins, poisons, and free radicals.  Fullerenes donate extra electrons to stabilize previously unstable molecules. As a non-crystalline carbon formation, it has great potential for biochemical interaction by way of the full spectrum fullerenes contained therein.

Fullerenes can assist the normalization of cellular metabolism by increasing enzymes, changing cellular permeability, and adding electrons to the energy cycle. Fullerenes can influence the exchange of neurotransmitters and improve the efficiency and resistance to stress.

Fullerenes have anti-inflammatory and antihistamine effects that can reduce pain and increase the efficiency of our overall immune response. Traditionally, Shungite has been used to treat a wide array of ailments; including rashes, wounds, arthritis, dysentery, heart disease, headache, insomnia, trauma, and more. It has been shown to be antibiotic, antiviral, and to reduce the effects of radiation. Furthermore, there is evidence suggesting protection against harmful EMF of cellphones, computers, etc.

With each study, we come to know more about the healing potential of Shungite.

The finest grade pure Shungite from Karelia Russia goes into our facial and skin products.

After 2 weeks of stirring for 24 hours a day, the full spectrum Fullerene in Shungite makes a beautiful, rich, tawny golden oil, which is the base for our skin products.

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